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This page provides links to resources to archive and other material relating to early church history.

Catholic Encyclopedia [1917]
Ecole Initiative:  Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History  a very useful site:  documents, glossary, major articles, images, chronology
Theology from a Bunch of Dead Guys this is an outstandingly well produced American site - impressive graphics covering many periods of church history.  Links to texts
Christian History Insititute Site this is well produced site with clear chronologies of each of the centuries.  In association with a video series available to buy online


Texts of the Church Fathers
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Church Fathers
Church Fathers Texts
texts of many Fathers and the Ecumenical Councils
Institute for Christian Leadership Guide to Early Church documents


Augustine site an outstanding comprehensive site maintained James J. O'Donnell, the Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennyslyvannia.  The site has an introduction to Augustine's life and work, texts and translations, as well as academic essays and lectures on Augustine.
Early Christian Art
The Christian Catacombs of Rome Site this is a well-produced site with thumbnail pictures of the wall-paintings.  Informative articles about the catacombs
The Spirituality of the Catacombs
The Christians of the age of Persecutions looks at the work of the apologists
Letters between the Churches of Rome and the Churches of Carthage focussing on Cyprian's correspondence and his martyrdom
The litanies and Martyrs of St. Callixtus
Early Church Images Some useful images of Emperors, Statues, organised by century, unfortunately mixed up with texts of the period.
Christian History On-line a journal/magazine with articles covering the whole of Christian History.  It is possible to view the odd article from the current issue or from the archives free, and to receive a free trial period but otherwise it cost $19.95/ four issues [I think]
Glimpses from the Christian History Institute: overall a little bit chatty in style, but some solid information here; may be useful for sixth formers.  The relevant issues are:
1. Perpetua and Felicitas
7. Foundations of our Faith
8. Whatever Happened to the 12 Apostles?
9. The Spread of the Early Church
10. Accusations
11. Polycarp's Powerful Witness
12. Constantine - - A Vision of Triumph
49. Clement of Rome
50. Justin Martyr
51. Blandina
52. Irenaeus
53. Tertullian
54. Origen
73. Helena
88. Council of Nicea
91. Eusebius saved Our Story

Academic Sites and resources from US
Sewanee School of Theology
Patristics Index