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This part of the site is organised by moral issue and provides links to relevant lobby groups mainly in the UK.  If you are still stuck try the 'Ethics Update' site at the bottom of the page:

Click on the issue which you want to study:

Abortion Animal Rights
Business Ethics Environmental Ethics
Euthanasia Fertility Treatment
Gender Issues Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Homelessness Homosexuality
Non-Violent Protest Punishment &. Capital Punishment
Racism Rights
War and Nuclear War Wealth and Poverty


4 methods of Abortion
The changing legal position in UK
Backstreet Abortion
“Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice”
Abortion in the Third World
Christian attitudes to Abortion









Anti-Abortion/'Pro-life' sites
Catholic Information Network - Pro Life   a rather eclectic site of Papal documents as well as other medical research and articles, all anti-abortion
Linacre Centre for Heathcare Ethics  a Catholic academic research site
Ultimate Pro-life Resource List - Abortion  US anti-Abortion site

'Pro-choice' Sites

National Abortion Campaign
Marie Stopes
International Planned Parenthood Federation
British Pregnancy Advisory Service
Voice For Choice
Catholics For A Free Choice
Alliance for Choice

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Animal Rights







Animal Rights
Compassion in World Farming
Animal Freedom   Site based in Holland for discussion of legal methods to end factory farming
Animals Agenda Useful information about animal issues in America
Animal Rights Resource Site A key list of animal-related web sites
UK Vegetarian Society   Information covering vegetarianism and related issues

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Business Ethics



Business Ethics
Centre for Applied Ethics:   Business Ethics

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Environmental Ethics




Environmental Ethics
Environmental Directory   Searchable directory of environmental organisations
Soil Association

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Voluntary/ Involuntary/ Nonvoluntary
Active/ Passive
Legitimate withdrawal of treatment
Principle of Double Effect
The legal position in UK
The legal position in Holland
P.V.S. Patients - Tony Bland
The right to die?


Ultimate Pro-life Resource List - Euthanasia  US anti-Euthanasia site
Voluntary Euthanasia Society  UK lobby group for the legalisation of Voluntary Euthansia


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Fertility Treatment
Artificial Insemination/ IVF
Donor Sperm/Eggs
Surrogate Motherhood
Human Cloning


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Gender Issues



Gender Issues

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Genetic Engineering and Cloning      
Genetic Engineering
Genetic Screening
Attitudes to Disability/ ‘Abnormality’
Genetic Engineering
The Genetics Forum   Leading UK genetic engineering think-tank

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Equality in the workplace
Homosexual marriage
Gay couples adopting children
Section 28 and the place of Homosexuality in education
Age of Consent




Gay Rights Groups
LAGER - Lesbian and Gay Employment Rights site
Stonewall - Stonewall is the national civil rights group working for legal equality and social justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.
Groups concerned to retain status quo
CARE - Christian Action Research & Education oppose the reduction of the legal age of consent for homosexuals and oppose changes to the Section 28 legislation






Shelter charity campaigning for homeless people
CentrePoint Hostel for young people in London - this is an excellent site
Play 'Vitual Homelessness' - what is it like to be homeless
Homeless Pages is a comprehensive guide to information about single homelessness in London.
Non-Violent Protest   
Definition: NVDA
Work of Gandhi/ Martin Luther-King
Methods of Non-violence
Non-violence today: Case study?
        Greenpeace ?
        Animal Protest ?



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Punishment &. Capital Punishment   
Theories of Punishment
Aims of Punishment
Legal History in U.K.
Arguments for/against Death Penalty
Death row


Amnesty International Site use the search at the bottom of the page for 'Death Penalty', 'Prison conditions'


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Definitions: Prejudice/ Discrimination
Apartheid in South Africa
Civil Rights Struggle in U.S.
Positive Discrimination/Affirmative Action
The legal position in Britain






Racism Resources
Race in the USA
Affirmative Action in the US:  Terms, Definitions and History
Affirmative Action:  The issues to consider
US Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University
ML-K 'I have a dream speach'
Seattle Times: Photo Tour of the Civil Rights Movement

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Where do rights come from?
Declaration of Rights of Man
What are basic human rights?
Work of Amnesty International
Do animals have rights?


Amnesty International Site use the search at the bottom of the page for 'Human Rights Developments'


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War and Nuclear War       
Definitions: Just/ Holy War
Conventional Nuclear War
Disarmament multi/unilateral
Hiroshima and the effects of Nuclear war
Conscientious Objection
Nuclear Disarmament
Abolition 2000 global network to eliminate nuclear weapons
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament UK
Hiroshima Peace Site an interesting and thought-provoking site

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Wealth and Poverty       
Definitions: First/Third World
Debt Crisis
Third world and arms trade
Basic human needs
Aid Organisations
Christian Aid



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University of San Diego 'Ethics Updates' Site

This is an outstanding site for ethical theory and moral issues.
These relate to Laurence Hinman's Book:  
Ethics - A Pluralistic Approach to Moral Theory Ed.2
Hardcourt Brace ISBN 0-15-503707-2