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General Sites
The New Testament Gateway This is an excellent British site managed by Dr. Mark Goodacre of Birmingham University.  It is very easy to navigate and is updated regularly.  There are a number of good academic on-line essays as well as good links that will be useful for A'level students.
Resources for New Testament Studies A very useful American site managed by Rodney J. Decker [Assoc. Professor of New Testament Baptist Bible Seminary PA USA]
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies:  this site is compiled by Torrey Seland, Assoc. Prof. Biblical Studies at Volda University College, Norway.  This site has a number of very good links to articles etc., many of which are far too esoteric for A-level studies.
Oxford University Computer-Assisted Theology:  Bible Some good material here for sixth formers and beyond, but rather hit and miss in terms of subject matter.
Atlantic Baptist University, New Brunswick Canada  Some useful summaries of the contents of each of the New Testament Books as well as summaries of NT background, synoptic problem etc.  Conservative, but seems fine for AS.
Biblical Studies on the Web
WWW Biblical Theology Index a list of online commentaries and essays on the whole of the Bible [OT and NT].  Lots of useful links here
An Encyopaedia of Textual Criticism a detailed bibliography with various articles, may of  which are technical. There is a very useful introductory essay on textual criticism.
The Synoptic Problem
A Synoptic Gospels Primer A site managed by Mahlon H. Smith of Rutgers University, US, very easy to use
The Synoptic Problem Home Page managed by Stephen Carson.  Diagrams and Articles
Mark without Q Mr. Mark Goodacre of Birmingham University's case for the Priority of Mark
Synoptic Gospels Site
Synoptic Gospels Study Sheet a goode overview of some the issues in the study of the synoptic gospels
The Johannine Literature Website This American site is maintained by Prof. Felix Just, S.J., of Loyola Marymount University. It contains material for their university courses, much of which may be of use to A'level students.
The Fourth Gospel Home Page for research   This site consists only of extensive bibliographies of books and articles on GJn.  There is no material as such on the site, which is managed by Armand J. Gagne Jr., PhD., Associate Professor University of South Carolina Sumter
A survey of Recent Literature of the Fourth Gospel A useful essay published in 1997 by James F. McGrath [has a Durham ac. email address but doesn't teach in the theology faculty to my knowledge] outlining the developments in Johannine scholarship over the past decade or so.
I Corinthians
Conflict and Community in the Corinthian Church United Global Ministries [Methodist] site.  This has some very useful resources and material including a virtual tour of Corinth in AD50 consisting of maps and pitures of the archaeological site of ancient Corinth.
Biblical Studies on the Web Journal Links you can link from here to all the academic journals that are available online.   Details are given on these pages as to the amount of access and information that each journal gives.  Some have the full text, some partial text and some just list of contents.
The Journal of Graeco-Roman Christianity and Judaism New in 2000, this journal [printed and fully online] is produced by JSOT at Sheffield publishes a number of articles each month.  This may be a useful resource for the more able pupil and a means of keeping up to date with the subject.