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ICT & RE:  Oundle 25/1/2000

This year’s ISTC meeting for Religious Studies was held on Tuesday 25th. January, 2000 at Oundle School. The theme of this year’s meeting was RE and ICT. The day aimed to provide a beginner’s guide to using the Internet as a resource for both teachers and pupils in religious education. The day was not aimed at experts, rather the focus was on learning ICT skills and encountering useful resources for the teaching of religious education. The day was led by Douglas Butler, who has run conferences on ICT and how it may be used in many subjects of the curriculum all around the world and Mark Steed, from Oundle School.

The day was divided into three sessions.

Session One led by Douglas Butler focussed on ICT skills - using the internet, getting material from the internet into a form that can be used in the classroom, and some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Word.   Douglas' website address is http://www.argonet.co.uk/oundlesch/

Session Two led by Mark Steed looked at ICT resources on the internet, most of which are listed on the resources part of this site.

Session Three led by Douglas Butler was a practical one in the Computer labs using the internet - completing some structured tasks using the internet.

For details please contact Mark S. Steed Email  sta.hsm@oundleschool.org.uk