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Websites where you can view on-line videos:

The Jesus Film


Department for Islamic Affairs Saudi Arabian Embassy, Washington
Click on 'multimedia' button for good multimedia resources
NB it is not possible to download the videos to watch at any time
You need to download the relevant software.
The software is free and there is a link to the relevant site.
On a first visit it appears that you have to buy the software, but the Free Download is at the bottom of the page: ‘RealPlayer Basic 7’

Other Video Resources:

On-line Video Concordance
This site does NOT contain links to the movies, rather it identifies clips from popular films that could be used in the classroom. The site is organised by theme: e.g. Heaven/Hell/Afterlife and suggests clips from films such as What dreams my come [1998], Field of Dreams [1989] and Cocoon [1985].