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BBC World Service:  The Way of the Buddha
Introduced by Elizabeth Harris of Westminster College, Oxford, England, produced by David Craig.
First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1996
Five Programmes, each of 28 minutes
Buddha teacher of Gods and Men
The Eightfold Path
Meditation:   the key to Enlightenment
Social Engagement:  Buddhism and Social Action
20th. Century Challenges
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Ten Lectures on Buddhism
Written and spoken by Ven Bhikku Bodhi, a Buddhist teacher from New York
The sound quality is very good and the ten lectures are organised by issue.
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Anapanasati Meditation Training
Twelve one-hour tapes on meditation technique
The sound quality is rather patchy and the tapes are not clearly organised - please
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Tonglen Meditation
5 minute description of Tonglen meditation
transcript of talk
Pali Chanting
These files are about 600K, they download to a file C:/My Music
These are RealPlayer .mp3 files
The site also has the texts of these chants in English transliteration and English translation, as well as basic rules of pronunciation. 
An opportunity for pupils not only to hear what Pali chants sound like but also to study some Buddhist ideas!
Sadhu - Audio-Visual links for Buddhism


BBC World Service:  What do Christians believe?
Introduced by Alison Hilliard, produced by David Craig. First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1997
Six Programmes, each of 28 minutes
Believing in God, the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth
Jesus was born of a Virgin
Who is Jesus Christ?
What about the Resurrection?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Life After Death
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BBC World Service:  What do Hindus believe?
Radio series introduced by Professor John Bowker, produced by Steven Benson. First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1992
Five Programmes, each of 28 minutes
What does it mean to be a Hindu?
Dharma:  The Good life
Artha:  The Pursuit of material gain by lawful means
Kama:  Delight in the senses
Moksha:  Liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth
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BBC World Service:  What do Jews believe?
Introduced by Trevor Barnes, produced by Tim Dean
First broadcast in 1991
Four Programmes:
A singular People
Living by the Book
Patterns of Worship
Questions of Faith
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BBC World Service:  Khalsa - Birth of a Community
Join Indarjit Singh as he traces the dramatic story of the Khalsa's foundation and meets its modern-day members in three continents.
Four Programmes:
Lions and Princesses
Neither Hindu nor Muslim
Saint Soldiers
Healthy, happy, .... and unorthodox?
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