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General Sites:
WWW Virtual Library - Judaism
Judaism and Jewish Resources a good link site organised quite clearly


Expert Sources and Source Material
Ask the Rabbi
Archive of Questions and Answers
Ask your own questions


Holocaust - Shoah
Yad Veshem [includes links to other sites]


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Vad Veshem Holocaust Museum and Memorial, Jerusalem


Jewish Art:
Marc Chagall
The Chagall Windows, Haddasah Hospital, Jerusalem
Other Works


University Sites
Orion Centre for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls


Judaism in Britain Today
Board of Deputies of British Jews


Jewish Religious Press
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Chronicle, London
Jewish Telegraph, London


On-line Radio
BBC World Service:  What do Jews believe?
Introduced by Trevor Barnes, produced by Tim Dean
First broadcast in 1991
Four Programmes:
A singular People
Living by the Book
Patterns of Worship
Questions of Faith
These are RealPlayer .ram files