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General Sites:
About.Com:  Christianity- General
NJB - Not Just Bibles - A Guide to Christian Resources on the Web
Graduate Theological Union
A General site for theological study
WWW Virtual Library - Christianity
Revision Sites
RE Revision Website:  This site is designed for the NEAB Syllabus B course on Christianity and Christian Perspectives
BBC Bitesize  The BBC revision site:   a limited number of topics are covered, but there are some good resources and online tests.
The following topics are covered:
Human relationships
Poverty and wealth
Prejudice and discrimination
Religion, science and the environment 
Sanctity of life
War and peace
Revised Common Lectionary On-line
Comments on the Revised Common Lectionary
On-line Radio
BBC World Service:  What do Christians believe?
Introduced by Alison Hilliard, produced by David Craig. First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1997
Six Programmes, each of 28 minutes
Believing in God, the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth
Jesus was born of a Virgin
Who is Jesus Christ?
What about the Resurrection?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Life After Death
These are RealPlayer .ram files
Interactive Map of Jerusalem in the First Century
Interactive Map of the Via Dolorosa