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General Sites
Traditions within Buddhism
Scriptures and Texts
Online Audio
Audio to Download


General Sites
Buddha Net  a very good place to start
Essentials of Buddhism Site   as the title suggests, 4 noble truths etc
WWW Virtual Library - Buddhism


Traditions within Buddhism
Theravada Net    A website specialising in Theravada Buddhism.
Zen@Metalab  A good general Zen Buddhist site


Scriptures and Texts
The Buddhist scriptures [Buddha Net]
Zen Texts [Zen@Metalab]


The White Path [Virtual] Temple


Online Audio
BBC World Service:  The Way of the Buddha
Introduced by Elizabeth Harris of Westminster College, Oxford, England, produced by David Craig.
First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1996
Five Programmes, each of 28 minutes
Buddha teacher of Gods and Men
The Eightfold Path
Meditation:   the key to Enlightenment
Social Engagement:  Buddhism and Social Action
20th. Century Challenges
These are RealPlayer .ram files
Ten Lectures on Buddhism
Written and spoken by Ven Bhikku Bodhi, a Buddhist teacher from New York
The sound quality is very good and the ten lectures are organised by issue.
These are RealPlayer .ram files
Tonglen Meditation
5 minute description of Tonglen meditation
transcript of talk


Audio to Download
Anapanasati Meditation Training
Twelve one-hour tapes on meditation technique
The sound quality is rather patchy and the tapes are not clearly organised - please
These are RealPlayer .ram files
Pali Chanting
These files are about 600K, they download to a file C:/My Music
These are RealPlayer .mp3 files
The site also has the texts of these chants in English transliteration and English translation, as well as basic rules of pronunciation. 
An opportunity for pupils not only to hear what Pali chants sound like but also to study some Buddhist ideas!
Sadhu - Audio-Visual links for Buddhism