Germany 1930-45

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The German Christians

General Resources
Hitler's Christianity:   this site has some useful quotations and pictures of Nazi Christianity - use the site with care - it has an agenda!
'A Church in Crisis:   Historical Reflections on Church Leadership'  by Roland Blaich American academic [credentials are there on this site - judge for yourself].  The Lecture is a compares the responses of two church leaders to NazismDr. John L. Nuelsen (1867-1946), bishop of the Europe Central Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which included Germany, and Dr. F. H. Otto Melle (1875-1947) succeeded Nuelsen as bishop of the German Methodist Episcopal Church, which was organized in 1936.
Book Reviews
Review of Doris L Bergen  Twisted Cross:  The German Christian Movement in the Third Reich   Chapel Hill and London.  The University of North Carolina Press, 1996  by John A. Moses, Australian National University, Canberra