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This section has links to on-line encyclopaedia

General Encyclopaedia
Encyclopedia Britannica  Free for a trial period, otherwise it's $5/month
Encyclopedia.com  The articles are very brief - not sufficient for A'level pupils
Encarta online  The articles are brief and there is lots of advertising.
Highwired.com   Aimed at US student, brief articles.  Lots of advertising.
Infoplease.com  Brief articles - designed for younger users.  Lots of advertising.
refdesk.com virtual encyclopedia - a good general site, with a Religion and Philosophy section
Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia - not a comprehensive encyclopedia, but a good British site emphasising Historical topics
The E-cyclopedia - E-cyclopedia is BBC News Online's guide to modern living, tackling and explaining issues as they in the news agenda.
Subject-specific Encylopaedia
Catholic Encyclopedia [1917]  almost complete
Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism  a good site on this specialist area
Ecole Initiative:  Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History  a very useful site:  documents, glossary, major articles, images, chronology - still being developed
Encyclopedia Mythica  a site specialising in mythology, fokelore and legend
Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia - Religion and Society sections on religious leaders, religious groups, Unitarians and social reform, Quakers and social reform, Christian socialist movement, Evangelical movement, Religion and politics.  Good interactive texts.