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General Sites on Science and Religion

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Origin of the Universe Origin of Man
Miracles Proof


Origin of the Universe
BBC Planets Site
The Stephen Hawking Website
Public Lectures available online - these can be downloaded as .pdf files
'The beginning of time.'   .pdf
'The nature of space and time.'  .pdf
'Space and time warps.'    .pdf
'Does God play dice?'     .pdf
'Is there life in the Universe?'        .pdf
Stephen Hawking's Universe Site

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Origin of Man

Creation / Evolution

BBC Evolution Site another outstanding BBC site
BBC Apeman Site
Charles Darwin and Evolution texts available online
On the Origin of Species (1859)
Summary of Darwin's argument from Origin of Species.
The Descent Of Man (1871)
The Voyage Of The Beagle (1909)
The University of California [Berkeley] Museum of Paleontology has a lot of good material [text and graphics] on the fossil record, very good if you know what you are looking for.  The Evolution Wing contains very good and useful resources - the 'must-read files' have many useful essays and articles.

Creationist stances and Christian apologetic

Answers in Genesis An American Creationist site.  The Q&A topic index is a good place to start  An American site giving an academic-style critique of evolution from a Christian perspective
Christian Answers Net   Another American site endeavouring to square the circles of creation, fossils and dinosaurs.  A very attractive site, but one to check through or to use with care.   It answers all sorts of interesting questions, including 'Why did God create dinosaurs?' and 'Did Adam have a belly button?' This site is typical of  the stance of ultra-conservative Christianity to the issues of the origin of man.
Progressive Creationism:  An American site:  'An empirically minded philosophical critique of evolutionary claims for the fossil record.'

Proponents of Evolution

Richard Dawkins [OO!!] author of 'The Blindwatchmaker'  Visit the 'unofficial' World of Richard Dawkins Website



See also resources under the Argument from Design resources in the philosophy section of this site

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General Sites on Science and Religion

Cornell's Program in Science and Religion text of six lectures from the program available online.
John Templeton Foundation  The Teacher's File from Zygon TM  Journal of Religion & ScienceThe Zygon Teacher's File provides accessible materials and peer support for teachers of science and religion courses in colleges, universities and seminaries. Zygon has devoted itself for over thirty years to the interface of science and religion.
Humanity in School Science: a resource site and discussion forum with some resources on science and religion